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"Batman Day"

Though the ‘real’ 75th Anniversary was back in March, commemorating the publication of the March, 1939 Detective Comics No. 27 and the first appearance of The Batman, DC Comics has proclaimed today, July 23, 2014 “Batman Day” to further celebrate their iconic character’s 75th year. Fans showing up at participating comics stores can get a special edition of Detective #27 with a modernized retelling of Batman’s debut story, by Brad Meltzer and Bryan Hitch. I may buy fewer and fewer comics these days as I grow increasingly weary of the publishers’ apparent mania for movie tie-ins, character crossovers and marketing gimmicks. But nothing can dilute my reverence for Bob Kane’s original creation, and it’s resurgence in the capable hands of talented people like Denny O’Neil, Neal Adams, Frank Miller and Christopher Nolan/John Nolan. I still get chills when I read retellings of young Bruce Wayne kneeling beside his murdered parents, or his very first mysterious appearances in the dark streets of Gotham City. I still choke up when I watch the very end of the first Nolan Batman film, as Lieutenant Gordon tells the about-to-leave Batman, “I never thanked you”, and the Dark Knight simply says, “And you’ll never have to,” before flying away into the dark skyscraper canyons.

So, in-authentic date or not, Happy 75th to The Batman.

(“I BLeed For Gotham” by Orlando Arocena)

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when you see an item you love on the sale rack but then realize it was misplaced there


when you find an article of clothing you love but it’s in every size but yours



DIY 5 Gifts in a Jar Tutorias and Templates from The Gunny Sack here. I really like the “cleans up well” for men and check out my "manly gift" ideas here. I also posted another really popular DIY from the Gunny Sack - lots of gift in a jar suggestions here like:

  • Energy in a Jar
  • Refreshment in a Jar Tide Me Over Jar
  • First Aid Jar
  • S’Mores in a Jar
  • Relaxation Jar
  • Sewing in a Jar
  • Spa in a Jar 

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The Samurai Sisters by XPayne

when is this cartoon coming out?! someone get on this stat!!

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Because Pitbulls need love too.

Literally, my favorite dog :D :D

I don’t think anybody understands how badly I want a pitbull





i ride hard for women w/ belly fat wearing crop tops and not giving a fuck

I envy their confidence.

My fluffy tum tum loves being out in the summer time

“No girl wants to hear about your “other girls””
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you ever wanna reblog a post on here but you dont because its too mean and your mama raised you better but you still hit that like button and laugh at it on your own because your grown but not that grown

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That look of terror when someone tells the waiter that it’s your birthday

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